UTA Canvas – Guide For Accessing Uta.edu.mymav

Image of UTA Canvas

Canvas UTA is the University of Texas at Arlington Virtual  Learning Environment used by teachers/staff and students to support your modules and courses.  Canvas LMS is the official learning management system (LMS) of the UTA  and is used as a service for the delivery of online and different courses. It allows you, as the teacher, … Read more

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Kabarak Moodle Access Guide | Moodle.kabarak.ac.ke

Image of Kabarak Moodle

Kabarak Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that is used to deliver blended and online courses throughout Kabarak University. Students can access Moodle to perform a wide range of tasks such as submitting assignments and collaborating with their teachers in the learning environments to enhance their students learning experience at Kabarak. Moodle Kabarak … Read more

Canvas UNT Login Help For Students

Image of Canvas UNT Portal

Canvas by Instructure is the University of North Texas Learning Management System (LMS). The Canvas offers excellent features and opportunities letting the school create engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students, faculty, and staff who have UTA email addresses. myUNT is UNT’s online student portal for all the information and services students need to help … Read more

Moodle Unisa Guide for Students

Image of Moodle Unisa

Moodle is a free software learning management system providing a platform for Unisa e-learning that facilitates interaction between lecturers and students online. Since Moodle LMS became popular, Unisa has adopted it for their learning needs. Thus as one of the learning systems of the university, students face a real challenge in how to use Moodle … Read more

PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal Login Guide

Image of PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal Login

PowerSchool is a Learning Management system used by the school institutions mostly for the K-12 to carry out academic activities. It is a web-based software that lets parents and students access study materials online and in the comfort of their homes.  The PowerSchool LMS helps you to access real-time assignments, grades and attendance, request academic … Read more

Canvas Student Portal Login and Utility Guides for Students

Image of Canvas Student Login

Canvas for students is an open-source learning management system (LMS) developed Instructure that has been adopted by many schools as tools for teachers to develop and administer courses online. Schools can create a Canvas student portal where they can login and access their course activities from home. The Canvas LMS helps teachers to engage their … Read more

Moodle Student Portal Login and Its Roles in Education

Image of Moodle Student Login

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that enables schools, and organizations to create an online learning environment for their students or workers. The Moodle student portal is where the students can log in and access their course materials. It’s a free software providing a platform for e-learning and it helps the various educators to … Read more