Does Imo notify when you screenshot? (Answered)

Does imo notify when you screenshot

No, Imo does not notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your profile or message. You can take screenshots of anyone’s pictures/DM without having to worry about them knowing. Imo is a free international video call & instant messaging app. It allows you to send text or voice messages or video calls to your … Read more

How to Make a Video Call on IMO Messenger

How to Make a Video Call on IMO

Do you know how to make a video call on IMO Messenger? Here is a step by step guide which you can follow. But before you go for it make sure you have a strong Internet connection. A poor or improperly configured connection might result in poor video and audio quality. If you’re connected to … Read more

How to Change Country On imo App

How to Change Country On imo App

imo works by extracting your location from your device’s GPS service and uses this information to improve its features and services. If you’re going to another country anytime soon, and you want your account to display your current country, having the ability to change your imo location is what you need. But how is this … Read more