May 19, 2024
Litmatch Video Call

Litmatch is among the community and social network apps that support a video call. Apart from that, it allows you to send voice notes to your friend. 

Litmatch also has a feature to send videos through messages. These video messages are useful when your friend is not available for a video call at a certain point in time.

In this guide, we will let you know how you can easily use video chat or call on Litmatch from Android or PC if you have downloaded the Litmatch free app using an emulator software.

How Does Litmatch Video Call Works

To get started, download the Litmatch app and sign in or sign up if you haven’t done so, then start to meet new friends and click on the seven minutes limited call. 

After hanging up you will enter text chat to watch the videos together with a three minutes limited chat. The app just lets you share your moments

Litmatch is a safe and warm community to share your honest thoughts and feelings.

You can always meet cool people here and experience emotional communication comfortably through the different chatting features.

How to Make Friends on Litmatch

You can meet new friends by adding or liking their audio chats and live videos so far you can relate to their stories.

There are also some interesting communities where you can just play games like voice party games and explore live videos around the world. 

Litmatch also lets you design your avatar, simply navigate to the filter in the top left to change the age or gender, and location before you can select who you want to make a video call with.  You can be matched with random people and you can filter those you want.

When you’re making a video call on Litmatch you are not showing your real picture in case you don’t want to show your real pictures to some random people. 

You can add friends here to add friends and there are many features that you can explore if you upgrade to the Litmatch membership.

You have to read some community guidelines as not all allow this random audio-video chat. people actually are blocked or reported if there is some inappropriate behavior.

You can also receive some gifts in the form of diamonds. That is how you can make money on Litmatch and you can recharge them. You can get all these diamonds for like $7.99 or you can get like 112300 diamonds for $249.99.