July 18, 2024
EPCC Blackboard

Blackboard EPCC is a web-based course management program that enables the EPCC students and faculty to participate in online classes and/or utilize online course materials to complement face-to-face learning.

The Blackboard is the EPCC provided Learning Management System. Online courses are hosted and delivered through Blackboard, and many staff of the school use it as well.

Blackboard EPCC can be used on computers and mobile phones. To access the student Blackboard Learn,type in your EPCC first username & password and click Log in. You can also access Blackboard by visiting the school website. Hover mouse over QUICK LINKS and click Blackboard under Logins.

Blackboard EPCC Login

To access blackboard Learn, 

1. Go to EPCC website at online.epcc.edu or open the blackboard app.

2. If you are a student Select “Student Login” for Staff, Select “Staff Login”

2. Enter your EPCC username.

3. Enter your password.

4. Then, click on “Login” to access your courses.

Once you login to your Blackboard account you can manage your courses and timetable, update your details, make payments, and get more help for your academic activities.

You can use the student portal on the EPCC official page to search to find out the content, timings, fees, and teaching details of the courses you want to take for your programme.

How to Use EPCC Library Online

The EPCC Gives a comfortable study environment and offers a number of excellent learning resources, collections of information sources, and access to experts’ help, advice, and recommendations.

Students can sign in to their Library Account online to renew any books they have borrowed (online), check the details of any books they have borrowed over the last couple of months, or check the status of any book reservations they have made.

To login the library you can:

  • Log in using your EPCC username and password.
  • Log in using your ID card number and library PIN.


The EPCC GPA Grades are computed on a semester by semester basis. The formula for calculating the GPA grade is the following:

1. A+ = Excellent performance in all respects.

  • Percentage = 85–100%.
  •  Mid-point = 92.5.

2. A = Excellent performance in almost all respects.

  • Percentage = 80–84%.
  • Mid-point = 82.

3. A- = Very good, some aspects excellent but others not

  • Percentage = 75–79%.
  • Mid-point = 77.

4. B+ = Very good, some aspects excellent but others not.

  • Percentage = 70–74%.
  • Mid-point = 72.

5. B = Good performance overall.

  • Percentage = 65–69%.
  • Mid-point = 67.

6. B- = Good performance overall.

  • Percentage = 60–64%.
  • Mid-point = 62.

7. C+ = Work satisfactory overall, strengths outweigh weaknesses.

  • Percentage = 55–59%.
  • Mid point = 57.

8. C =  Work satisfactory overall, strengths outweigh weaknesses.

  • Percentage = 50–54%.
  • Mid-point = 52.

9. D = Poor performance overall, weaknesses outweigh strengths.

  • Percentage = 40–49%.
  • Mid-point = 45.

10. E = Well below the standard required.

        Percentage = 0–39%.

The CGPA is calculated at the end of two (2) or more semesters.

B+ is equivalent to 87% to 89%. It’s also equivalent to a 3.3 GPA. Because it indicates good performance, B+ students are Second Class Upper and have good chances of making first class if the student intensifies his or her effort.

EPCC students who have failed the same course on two occasions will not normally be permitted to enroll again for that course. A further enrolment requires the permission of the relevant Associate Dean.

If you want to drop your degree or major EPCC, you’ll need a Course Add/Drop form from the Faculty Student success team. You should discuss your options first with a Student Advice

EPCC Timetable

EPCC teaching timetable will show you the date, time and location of the lectures, seminars, and workshops you are due to attend this coming semester.

The examination EPCC timetable is available via the examination timetable tool. The final examination timetable will be sent to students prior to the applicable examination by post and will contain the following a list of the study units in which students qualify for admission to write examinations and other course materials.

EPCC Application

1. Log in to the EPCC account with your EPCC ID and password.

2. Scroll to the Student menu.

3. Choose Admissions.

4. Click on Check My Application Status.

EPCC provides applicants and new, current, and returning students online access to their student information. It can be found below the “My Resources” tab at the top of the homepage. Inside the student portal you’ll find Personal Information, Student Information, and Financial Aid.

How to Log Into EPCC Email 

The institution sends all official messages such as your exam timetable and results) to your student email, which means that it’s very easy to receive information when you need it. Fortunately, you can access your EPCC email account from any network and from anywhere in the world. You just need internet access on your device.

1. To Log into EPCC email first login to the student portal or click on this link to visit the email page on the EPCC official website.

2. Once you log in, click on “My email”. 

3. Click on the Student id tab and type your Student ID number.

4. In the Password box enter your current network password.

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