How ToHow to Access UMP Moodle at

How to Access UMP Moodle at


UMP Moodle is a learning management system that is used by the University of Mpumalanga to deliver blended and online courses to students. This page contains instructions on using Moodle. 

Using the UMP Moodle student site is simple. The Moodle administrator can decide how you can access the site. Some UMP staff do not allow guests and may decide to give each student a username and password before they can access the Moodle site.

How to Log Into UMP Moodle

Students can access all of their courses online through the UMP virtual learning environment. The Moodle can be reached by logging in through UMP  official website:

1. Visit the Moodle Login page by going to the UMP website at

2. Click Agree and sign on to Moodle.

3. Fill in your Student User ID and press Next.

4. Enter your Password and click Sign in or Click Enter

The Dashboard displays, containing a list of links to all your Moodle courses. Once your personal dashboard on UMP opens it gives you access to the following links, skills, badges, calendar, and the others related to your learning. 

Depending on the arrangement of your Moodle LMS, the site home presents a lot of learning data.

To Sign out of Moodle, click on your name at the top right of the page, and click Sign out.

UMP Moodle App

You can also login to UMP Moodle by using the Moodle app. The app allows students to access their courses and groups on smartphones. You can submit assignments, participate in discussions, and view grades and course materials by using your phones.

The Moodle Student app is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are using an Android device on the Google Play Store and you are an iOS user download the Moodle app from App Store. Here is how to install the app and access UMP Moodle Learn on phone:

1. On your device, open Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Search or browse for the Moodle app on the search bar.

4. Select Moodle Student when the result appears

5. Select Install and wait for a few minutes for it to finish downloading.

Logging in:

1. Open the Moodle app on your phone.

2. If you haven’t signed up you can register your site for free on the Moodle Apps portal.

3. Login with your UMP username and password. These are typically the same credentials you use to access your Moodle courses on a computer.

You can also use the app to search for the full name of your school. If you’re unable to find your school, contact UMP IT help desk.

How to Check UMP Moodle Course

Once you’re logged in on the UMP Moodle, the dashboard opens. You’ll see a list of Moodle courses is visible in the My courses block (top right) and in the Navigation tab. To open the Moodle course page, select a Moodle course from the list. here is how to view your courses

1. Sign in to Moodle.

2. Courses that you have access to will appear on your dashboard.

3. Tap on the name of the course. The course home page displays.

If you have a problem accessing your UMP course, go to the Moodle dashboard to learn more about customizing your dashboard, or click on “Site Home” at the top of the navigation block to search for your course.


The University of Mpumalanga publishes all assessment results electronically via the Exam result portal unless the school or department has advised of other arrangements. And as long as the exam results have been published, the school must respond to your request for your information to access your results online

UMP Results

If you would like to access your results, and you are a current student, you can do this via the UMP results portal. Simply select the required academic year from the down menu below the box where you enter your Student ID number.

Note: If you fail UMP exam and a repeat exam or fail to show up for a repeat exam, you will not be eligible to progress in your UMP program (or graduate if in the final year). You will need to take those incomplete module exams again in the following academic year.

So, if you have not progressed to the next year of study you will be required to re-take all courses in which you have obtained less than the pass mark.

If your Exam result has not been uploaded online, contact your school to confirm when your results will be available via the portal. Students can also complete and submit coursework in Moodle portal and monitor their progress using online tests and quizzes.

How to Check UMP Email

The University of Mpumalanga sends all official messages such as your exam timetable and results) to your student email, which means that it’s very easy to receive information when you need it. Fortunately, you can access your UMP email account from any network and from anywhere in the world. You just need internet access on your device.

1. To Log into UMP email first login to the student portal or click on this link to visit the email page on the UMP official website.

2. Once you log in, click on My email

3. Click on the Student id tab and type your Student ID number.

4. In the Password box enter your current network password.

UMP Library

You can login to UMP Library online to renew any books you have borrowed (online), check the details of any books you have collected over the last couple of months, or check the status of any book reservations you have made.

To login the library you can:

  • Log in using your UMP username and password.
  • Log in using your ID card number and library PIN.


You can access your Moodle dashboard and get links to learning materials. Once you are logged in, you can communicate and collaborate with other students in the course forums tab. This is where all the UMP students with active accounts discuss topics, share ideas and even feedback on each other’s work.

Once you login to your UMP student account you will have access to Moodle to perform a wide range of tasks such as submitting assignments and collaborating with your teachers in the learning environments to enhance your learning experience.

Also read: Moodle Student Portal Login and Its Roles in Education.

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