April 12, 2024
Change Age on eHarmony

eHarmony has a responsibility to protect younger audiences from scam, spam, and other users and because of this you must be at least 18 years old to have eHarmony account. 

If you’re below this age, you can’t create an account, or eHarmony will soon disable your account. This is because children are not allowed to use the app; it goes against the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. eHarmony is known for deleting accounts with fake ages, so it may be time to change your actual age.

When eHarmony doesn’t display your correct age on your profile it can be annoying for some reasons. You always have to have it on your bio. If you’re worried about how to change your age on the eHarmony app, we’ll explain it in this article. There are options for updating your date of birth. Depending on your age and the age of your account, it may be easier to send requests to the eHarmony support team.

How to Change Your Age Via eHarmony App Support 

1. Launch the app on your phone.

2. Open your Profile.

3. Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

4. Scroll to find the Support section.

5. Tap on Report a Problem.

6. Click on Account and Profile.

7. Tap on Editing Profile.

8. Tap on Need More Help?

9. Let eHarmony know that the age associated with your account is incorrect. Provide as many details as possible.

10. Wait for a response email from the eHarmony team.

How to Change Your Age on eHarmony App

1. Go to your profile and click or tap the Edit profile button. 

2. Click or tap the Birth date section. 

3. Select or change your age, Month, and Year. 

Please note that your birth date lets eHarmony know that you’re old enough to use their services and that the birth date entered must be of the person who owns the account.