April 12, 2024
How to See Who Likes You on Salams

How can you see someone who liked you on Salams Muslim dating app? Fortunately, you can see likes from your mutual matches for free. Sometimes if you’re looking at those who “liked” your profile, they are blurred and you’ll have to pay to see them. This article teaches you how to see your Salams likes without paying.

With the Salams See Who Likes You feature you are able to see who liked your profile before you match with them. It has a section on Salams where you can see all the profiles that have already liked you and you can pick those you would like to add to your match list.

However, you can see someone who likes you and much more if you are a paying user but if you think Salams doesn’t want it you will need to learn how to use Salams unblur hacks to see those who like you without paying.

So what this means is that if you don’t have access to the Salams “Who Likes You” feature, you can still see the profile photo of those users who liked your profiles by using some tricks. Here is how to do it.

How to See Who Likes You on Salams For Free

To your likes you need to login your account on Salams with a computer:

1. Open Google Chrome or any browser of your choice

2. Visit Salams web and sign in

3. Go to the matches list in the sidebar. And Click on the blurred profiles. You should see a bunch of blurred profiles.

4. First right-click on a profile photo you would like to unblur and select ‘Inspect element” 

5. Select inspect element so you’ll be in the developer tools section.

6. A window will open at the bottom of your screen or at the right hand side with the front end code of the website.

7. Then use the search bar and find “blur” and the pixels, or search for it by going through the source code.

8. Reduce the number of pixels close to zero. By this way the photos will lose their blurriness and you can see all the profiles who liked you for free.

The picture quality won’t be the best, but you can still see who likes you to the point where it’s recognizable.

How to Blur Photo on Salams

If you don’t have a computer and want to apply this Salams photo unblur hack on your smartphone, you also can do this on phones, the process is slightly similar.

The only different thing you have to do to see those who like you on your phone is to download an app that allows you to “inspect elements” on your phone. You can use an app called Element Inspector – Web Editor, HTML Live it is free for download on the Google Play Store.

Now to unblur photo on Salams app:

1. Download the app Element Inspector – Web Editor, HTML Live from the Google Play store on your Android.

2. Launch the installed app on your phone and go to Salams web

3. Tap the little like icon at the top of your screen. If you see any number there, that is how many Salams profiles that have liked you.

4. You can only see the blurred photos yet, so enable the downloaded app Code element mode.

5. A window will open at the bottom of your screen with the frontend code of the website.

5. Then find the part with the “Blur” and pixels

6. Reduce the pixel number to zero or close to zero. This means the photo will lose its blurriness and you can see a profile who liked you.

Without Salams hacks, you can only see who likes you if you are mutual matches or paying members. It is only people who subscribe to the Salams paid plan that can unlock this feature and many others.

How to See Who Likes You on Salams for Premium Users

1. Go to the like icon on the main screen

2. In your new Matches row, the first profile photo highlighted with a like icon will be the profiles who liked you. Tap on it.

3. Now you can see all the profiles who liked you

4. Tap to view the person’s profile. Now you can decide to match with the user.


To be able to see who liked you on Salams, you need to be a paying user. However if you think the feature is costly or not worth spending money on you can try the hacks we explained above, by this you can see who likes you without paying.