May 19, 2024
Raya App Review

We spent a lot of time putting together this review of the Raya dating app It puts itself as a dating app for “high-end singles” that promises to help you connect with successful and attractive celebrities.

Put simply, it’s an app for celebrities to meet each other. It has one of the most expensive premium memberships out of all the online dating apps and websites we have reviewed.

It’s a requirement to spend at least some time online if you want to meet a lot of other singles. Far fewer people are hanging out on popular dating apps like OkCupid, Badoo, Tinder, and Bumble which used to be great for connecting with singles. If you’re not using at least one quality app or site you’re just not going to do that well anymore.

There are many online dating apps that become popular, only to leave the users disappointed once they invest in a premium membership. That’s bad, especially at “high-end dating” prices.

Hence, we like to write these Raya dating app reviews. It gives you the chance to discover what the websites are really like without having to pay money upfront.

In this Raya app review, you’ll find how easy it is to date successful and attractive celebrities from different parts of the world using this website. You’ll find whether it’s a cut above the free and cheap mainstream online dating services, plus what you’ll actually gain from having a premium account.

Full Raya App Review

Raya is available as a smartphone app. You’ll have to jump through a couple of hurdles to even be accepted by the website. But is it even worth being invited in?

Raya tries to maintain the quality of its user base by making new users jump through a number of hurdles to get into it.

First, you’ll need to go through an invitation process, where existing members invite you to the platform. You’ll need to submit the details of your Instagram account. It’s not clear what criteria they are using, but Ray suggests it helps you to fill in your profile while verifying your Instagram and your followers.

Having said that, it’s not the end of the world if you have anyone to invite you. You can skip the process by applying directly.

Once your application has been accepted, you need to create a photo-centric profile in “slideshow” format to spotlight who you are, and what you look like, to potential matches. People also get banned on Raya for violating the policy guidelines.

You can review potential matches in a queue, which you can swipe right on to approve, or swipe left on to reject.

Those who apply to be accepted onto the app, which is free at the basic level, must first pass an invitation process where they are invited by existing members. Both free and premium membership to Raya isn’t as simple as creating an account.

Raya’s staff then filters those applicants again ‘to check whether or not the user fits.’ Only 10-15 percent of those who apply are accepted and the company claims that half of its active members are celebrities.

Raya Premium Membership

According to some of the users, there are two main problems. the app has a tendency to crash. And there is not a big enough user base to make the app worthwhile for everyone.

There is another common complaint, which is that you can’t properly assess the app until after you’ve paid. Though it should be noted the app does explain this clearly enough on its homepage.

It’s not easy to get into it because of the strict review, which also made me feel safer. People there look more genuine and I believe the review process helps a lot. My experience with Raya is quite different from other dating apps that I used before.

Raya Design & Interface

I tested the desktop version of and was frustrated with several parts of the website’s design. For example: Before subscribing to Raya membership which is $9.99 monthly, I was still having issues seeing people who liked me. 

The “Who Likes Me” page barely shows any details about the people who like you. You see a picture, their name, and one detail. To find out where they live, you have to click through to their profile. To “like” or discount them, you have to navigate back to the previous page.

Upon subscribing, I was able to discover that several of these were based in a different location and a couple were men! I continued to receive a steady stream of likes and profile views after purchasing a premium account, but again these were rarely people from my location.

Raya App Messaging

You can leave unlimited messages to members all over the world if you have a membership account. You can send emojis and images too if you wish. Most of the women were responsive, and there wasn’t a single woman who sent sketchy links. The chat feature is pretty straightforward.

Raya Free Account

With Raya free account, you can send messages to those you “match” with. That is more generous than a lot of other high-end online dating apps, although free profiles are less likely to be shown to other members during the “match” process. remember you’ll have to pass the invitation/ verification process to be granted access in the first place. 

How Does Raya Work?

Getting on to Raya is not like any other dating site app. You must either be invited by someone who’s already a user or submit an application by yourself. 

Once accepted, you can browse through profiles, narrow down your search, and message anyone you like. The only difference is that all the users on the app are mostly celebrities.

Is there Raya App

Yes, you can use Raya to stay connected on many devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android. To see what’s new with the app and install the latest version, you can download Raya app by visiting your phone’s app store (ex: iTunes App Store, or Google Play Store).