July 18, 2024
Screenshot on Raya

If someone wants to screenshot on Raya to save some chat or a picture. However, if you capture a Raya screenshot, it will alert you with a warning message. This measure is taken by Raya to protect their members

The app will send an alert if you screenshot a photo or message, insert the message “Your IP has been recorded!” into your screen, and prompt you with a message that warns you if you post the image online that they are risking your membership.

So, whenever a person takes a screenshot of Raya on an iPhone or Android, it alerts the other person. The screenshot notification varies if you have screenshotted the profile, photo, or message.

When you take a screenshot of an image or message, it will alert you with a warning message that your IP has been recorded.

So you really want to take a screenshot of that hilarious chat or memorable photo on Raya? 

Go right ahead, and take the screenshot but know that the other app is going to prompt you with a warning not to share it anywhere.

How to Screenshot on Raya Without Someone Knowing

How to screenshot on Raya without alerting the other person is a common question among users. Although Raya is highly strict about privacy, there are a number of workaround techniques to screenshot Raya without being noticed.

This is simplier compared to the hacks on how to know someone who liked you without paying.

Use another device to screenshot on Raya

The easiest way to secretly save a Raya screen is to use a different device as your camera. Grab an iPad, a different phone, or a camera and take a photo of the screen.

To get a higher-resolution image, you can also mirror the Raya app on your iPhone or Android to a computer screen, and then take a screenshot on the computer.

Clear Your cache before taking a screenshot

If you just want to take a screenshot of one Raya image, this is your best method. Launch the app but don’t click the message, post you want to screenshot just yet. Switch on Airplane Mode so your Phone goes offline.