April 12, 2024
Image of UWL Blackboard,

UWL Blackboard is a web-based course management system adopted by the University of West London that allows students to participate in classes delivered online or use online materials and activities to complement face-to-face teaching.

To access UWL Blackboard, first, you have to create the account and also make sure you’re using the recommended browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you have the account already, you simply go to the UWL Blackboard Learn site. Enter your username and password. Your username is your UWL ID number. Your password is the password that you created upon registration.

How to Access Blackboard UWL

UWL students upon enrolment have a Blackboard account. The account opened when you enroll and is automatically activated once your enrolment has been completed. You can find out how to log in, navigate around the homepage and reset your password.

It’s important you to always check your account as everything unpublished within these boards remains within the Blackboard system and you will need to sign in to Blackboard to read any new messages, submit assignments, discuss with your peers, and reply to a message or perform other tasks.

To login UWL Blackboard follow these steps:

1. Go to the Blackboard website.  

2. Login using your [email protected]. You need to replace your username with your student number, followed by your UWL password.  

3. To sign in to your email and OneDrive go to Office365 at https://portal.office.com/.

Your username is the ID Number that appears on your Unique Card next to the words “ID No”.

UWL Blackboard App

The UWL Blackboard student App allows student to manage their courses and easily communicate with their teachers, and submit assignments. The app can be downloaded from the following links: IOS devices and Android devices.

Blackboard app download:

1. Once you are in the “apple app” or “Google Play” store, type in “Blackboard” into the search box.

2. Click Install and wait for the app to download.

3. Click “open” once finished downloading.

4. Type “University of West London” in the school search box. 

5. Then select “University of West London” shown under the purple line

6. Select “University of West London” and click “Web Login”

7. Select ‘Agree’.

8. Then the app will open the page where you’ll find all your modules and other activities assigned to you.

How to Reset Your UWL Portal Password

UWL on-campus students can change their password by logging onto any UWL Windows PC and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard. Or, If you have been enrolled for online password resets, you can change your passwords off-campus by visiting the UWL password reset page.

You should have also received your UWL default password in an email sent to your personal email address by the University before you begin your course.

To reset your UWL password you can also meet a member of staff in your closest IT Suite or Library, or contact the UWL IT Service Desk on the phone number 0300 111 4895 or send an email to [email protected].

Finding your UWL username an email containing your UWL username has been sent to your personal email address that you provided to the university admissions board at the time of registration. If you changed your personal email address after your application you will need to check your old address for the message.

UWL Email Login

1. To Log into UWL email first sign in to the student portal.

2. Once you login, click on “My email”. 

3. Click on the Student id tab and type your eight-digit Student ID number.

4. In the Password box enter your current network password.

UWL Library

The UWL Library Building provides comfortable, flexible study spaces and offers a wealth of excellent learning resources, extensive collections of information sources, and access to expert help and advice.

You can log in to your Library Account online to renew any books you have borrowed (online), check the details of any books you have borrowed over the last couple of months, or check the status of any book reservations you have made.

To access the library you can:

  • Log in using your UWL username and password.
  • Log in using your ID card number and library PIN.

MyRegistry UWL

MyRegistry is UWL’s online enrolment service for students. For students that are registering for the first, your Username will be the email address you entered when creating your MyRegistry account.

At the same time, if you are an old student/returning student of UWL you should already have a MyRegistry Account. All you need to do is enter your UWL Student ID Number and your MyRegistry password on the login page.

UWL Timetable

UWL Student timetable is usually available two weeks prior to the start of their first module. To access your timetable:

1. Log in to the Student Portal and click on the MyTimetable tab.
2. Fill in your regular UWL Student IT User Account. Your IT user is the eight-digit UWL student ID number.
3. Enter your student password. From there you’ll be directed to the timetable dashboard.

For more help on how to use Blackboard, read Blackboard Learn Login | Blackboard.com Guide For Students.